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RealWorldRisk initiative is to bring in some of the world class  experts to educate people at all levels from common man to advanced professionals in the field of Risk Taking & Management in the field of Life, Finance, Investing, Trading, Stock Markets, Data Analysis, AI/ML etc. in Real World practical scenarios.  It will also talk about common basics to deep aspects which even many traditional popular experts have often misunderstand ! The goal is to empower our fellow people  by educating them at all levels (from basics to advanced) and enriching their lives altogether.

Our vision is to serve and empower our fellow brilliant people  by educating at all levels from basics to advanced level at almost free cost. This would help them to lead better and happy life.

We at RealWorldRisk are the team of world class and local experts having different specializations in the industry and academics including Professors,MD, CXOs, Directors, Partners of Top Global Banks & Financial Institutions, Sovereign Institutions, Leading Global Practitioners, High Profile Traders, Hedge Fund Managers, Professors, Senior Govt. Advisors( Ex-IAS, Civil Servants) & Policymakers etc. 

We are globally acknowledged professionals and  world class practitioners having been associated/collaborated with UN Experts,G20, IMF, World Bank ,Asian Development Bank, IVCA, Sovereign & Pension Funds, Top Banks e.g. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, European Commission ,ADB, Hedge Funds, Financial & Educational Institutions etc..  We are also involved in some influential research works in the field of investment and risk management affecting common people lives  and institutions etc.  both directly or indirectly.

Our team members head Globally Renowned & World's Largest CQFI(Fitch Group) Quant Finance Community-India Zone Society. They head Global Association of Risk Professionals(GARP),USA-India Zone Chapter as well, which is the Globally Recognized Top Prestigious Body.  We are also associated with CFA(US)Institute for various programs.

We are the holder of Prestigious World Renowned Professional Qualifications like CQF & FRM,CFA(US), PhDs, CAs, MBAs, Computer Scientists from World's & India's Top Institutes as well . We are also Mentors at reputed global banks and financial institutions. We have many decades of quality experience in Life, Trading, Investment, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Quant, Data Analysis, AI/ML etc.  

We have trained participants from many organizations and institutes including Sovereign & Pension Funds, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, ICICI Group,Big4,SBI, RBI, IITs, IIMs, CAs, MBAs, CFAs, Engineers, Students, Common People, Brokers, PMS/AIF/MFs, Hedge Funds, Government  Organizations etc.  

We enjoy sharing knowledge, skills with everyone and helping people to be financially educated to be able to lead  better lives.

We are always there to help you in your financial literacy and education journey! Looking forward to serve you !

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